3 Best Ways to Keep Water Leaks Away from Your Home

If there is one thing all homeowners dread, it’s a water leak that went too far.

Water leaks are so easy to miss but so hard to recover from. They damage homes in sometimes unrecoverable ways and cost thousands of dollars to clean and rebuild. But no matter how terrible they may seem, there are ways to prevent water leaks before they turn into disasters. And how do you ask? Easy. With these three steps below. 

1. Know The Risky Places 

Some homes are small, some are big. Some have an open concept where you can see your whole living room from your kitchen while some give the impression of a labyrinth. Nevertheless, your home is where you relax and feel safe with your loved ones. So protecting it makes sense. 

No matter how ‘’brand-new’’ your apartment or home is, the possibility of a leaking faucet or a pipe bursting is always there. And whether the problem ends with a quick tap change or a whole apartment renovation depends on how fast you act. 

The answer to catching the leaks is by knowing the high-risk spots in your home. These spots are most of the time behind your washing machine, under the sinks and basements. When you cover these places, you can rest assured to catch the leaks early on and step in before they go out of hand. 

2. Use Wi-fi Connected Sensors

If you type a water leak sensor on Google, you’re going to see a lot of sensors that seem to be in the same ballpark with each other. Most of them require help during installments and provide little time when the power is cut. And you may want to ignore the installment fee (which is not pleasant at all!), but the power cuts are vital and shouldn’t be ignored. 

A water leak sensor serves the purpose of protecting your home and covering the places you normally don’t pay attention to. If they stop working due to a power cut and the sensors don’t have an inside notification system, you might find your new favorite couch in dirty water. Wi-fi connected sensors that have long batteries. Moreover, they should be able to continue communication with each other and act on it fast. 

That’s why wi-fi and interconnected water leak sensors are the best choices to protect your home from water leaks. 

3. Take Mold More Seriously

Mold can be seen as just ‘’mold’’. But in fact, it can be a sign of water leaks. If you’re seeing mold around, it’s best to start looking for a dripping tap or a burst pipe. And once you find it, put a water leak sensor and get peace of mind from them once and for all. 

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