Ball Valve Servo

Up and running in no time without cutting the pipes. It’s easy, no mess, and fast!


Get peace of mind with Custos. 100% non-invasive, and 100% non-intrusive.

No tools

Installation in less than a minute. Just snap and tighten the clamps.

No plumbing

No need to cut the pipes. Copes with over-sized valves, pipes and/or elbows.

No worries

Automatically stops the water supply when the leak is detected.

Step by step guide​

Compatible with

95% of water valves

0.5” - 1.25” ball valves

2.5”~4.9” inter clamp clearance

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Frequently Asked Question

Custos Starter kit package comes with the below items:

Wifi Capsule Gateway x 1

Custos Ball Valve Servo x 1

Custos Wireless Water Detector x 2

Remote Water Detection Probe x 2

Power Adapter x 1

Custos basically consists of 2 parts as Ball Valve Servo and Wireless Water detector. The valve detector is installed on the pipe where the existing water main valve is located, while the leak detector is usually located next to the installation or near the device to monitor any puddles that may occur in the area. As soon as the water is detected, you will be notified and the water valve will be closed automatically.

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