How to Choose an Effective Water Leak Sensor

How can you spot the perfect water leak sensor when you see it and what you should expect from it? 

You can buy groceries by touching and smelling them and understanding if they’re no good at once! However, when it comes to smart home devices, the criteria change. There might be a lot of things to consider, such as the quality of materials used or how convenient it is for you and your lifestyle. Because what seems like a good purchase from the outside can become a disaster. Just like it can with water leak sensors.

What is a leak sensor anyway?

Water leak sensors are great when it comes to protecting your home and property. They notify you early on to catch a leak in your home and prevent it from becoming a flood area. 

And how do you decide on which water leak sensor you need? Follow these steps to cover maximum ground!

  • Sensitivity

What happens when you buy a leak sensor and a few months later as you step into your home, you find it flooded? Surely shock and fear would be the first feelings and after them, disappointment would follow. Because the water leak you bought with much expectation failed the only thing it was supposed to do. Now, there are a few reasons a water leak fails: it may be overturned and doesn’t work that way, or its sensors work at a certain distance and it misses it until it’s too late.

Choosing a water leak sensor with high sensitivity is important as it determines its functionality as well. 

  • Affordability

Does having a water leak sensor help you prevent water leaks and keep your home as it is? Yes. Do you need to pay a fortune for it? Absolutely no.

  • Longevity

There are a lot of leak sensors on the market, and while they have different promises, most of them miss one thing they should do: prevent a water leak as early as possible. If you travel a lot or work outside, you need to have a water leak sensor as you can’t possibly control all your house all the time. What water leak sensors do at this point is to do this for you.  Place them in risky places and rest assured. 

A water leak sensor with a long battery life will ensure that. Custos Water Leak Sensors last up to 10 years (yes you read that right!).

  • Easy Installation

Installing a water leak sensor shouldn’t be that hard! Unfortunately, some of the leak sensors on the market not only need a lot of tools to install, but they also need a professional. And that means extra expense which is a minus from the start. Try to look for a leak sensor that requires little to no external help for installation. Simple designs go a long way as they take up minimal space and do what they’re made to do. 

  • Easy Usability

One simply doesn’t need to study rocket science to use a water leak sensor. Choosing a water leak sensor that is easy to use saves you both time and the struggle. You can easily read the parameters and understand what’s going on in your home. 

Does your house really need a leak sensor?

If you live in a house, yes. Buying an effective water leak sensor can prevent flooding and other damage. Detecting even the slightest leaks can protect you from mold which is a sneaky threat to your health and big water leaks that ruin your home and wallet. 

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