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Prevent any leak Before it happens

With Custos, you don't have to worry about wasting water and paying for the damage. To be notified about Custos let's leave your email.


With all features you need

Custos kit is the smartest solution to prevent catastrophic damage caused by water leaks. Moreover, you will be notified of each action through its mobile application.

Easy DIY Installation

No pipe cutting. No plumber needed.
Completely hassle-free.

Online & Offline

Automatically closes if water leak
detected. No Wi-Fi needed.

Outdoor Using

Operates in difficult environmental

Valve Servo
It is the main valve controller, shuts down the water automatically when water leak detected. The installation is just 20 seconds with no tools or outside help!
Water Leak Sensor
They are expeditious helpers with their 40 m indoor and 120 m outdoor working distances. The second they detect water, they notify the valve servo! They work smoothly even when they’re flipped over or moved.
Gateway is your eye at home. You can access all Custos devices on our app through it. With only one full charge,the gateway can provide power to Custos devices for 32+ hours.
Power Adaptor
It is for plugging the gateway to power supply into a standard 120-volt receptacle to power the device. The device will beep and the LED indicator will light up green.
Extension Leak Sensor
It is the assistant actor of Valve Servo. Thanks to that valve servo can detect the water leak around and get the action. You can easily connect it to the valve servo.

How does it work?

Custos is the pro way of protecting your living and working spaces from water leaks. After you install the Valve Servo onto your pipe in 20 seconds, the system connects each other through the UBILINK. This simply allows every Custos smart devices to be in touch with each other and notify you of everything.

Installation Steps


Download Custos App from Appstore or Playstore


Create a profile and let’s meet


Scan the QR codes on devices and add them to the app easily


Now it’s time to connect the gateway to the internet


Pair the leak sensor to Valve Servo and you’re all done


Now Custos system is on.

Most common use cases to present
water leaks at home


Place water leak sensor under or near laundry machine


Place water leak sensor under kitchen sink


Place water leak sensor anywhere in your basement


The features of Custos are designed to keep your home safe and sound.

No more cutting pipes

Installing Custos requires nothing but your two hands and a minute. You don’t need any equipment or call someone for installation.

Outdoor Use

Your water main is located outside your house? Worry not, Custos actuator is the only retrofit valve actuator engineered for outdoor use, it’s enclosure is made of automobile graded UV proof polymer

Wireless and Fast

Who needs metres long cables when you have simply Custos. With wireless water leak sensors, your living and working spaces are all connected to each other, all the time.

Long-lasting Batteries

Custos Water Leak Sensors can work for 10 years on a single battery. So you don’t have to think about when was the last time you checked them. You will get notification when the battery is almost depleted.

Works Offline

Custos automatically closes if a water leak is detected. No wifi is needed.

Waterproofed IP66

Custos devices are IP66 waterproofed, meaning they’re protected from total dust ingress. it will survive in humid environment without compromising it’s service life span.

Solid Mechanism

Custos Valve Servo deals with the toughest valve with ease. It will deliver proper torque and stop right at the end position without overturning.

Remote Control

See all notifications of all the devices in your home on Custos App. Follow the details of every Custos device anytime you want.

Keep your home dry and safe, simply from your mobile device

Thanks to Custos Home mobile application you can always be connected with your living space and keep it dry easily.

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Frequently Asked Question

The Custos WWD battery is a long-lasting product that will not require you to replace it frequently. It can last up to 10 years with regular use and the app tells your current status of power consumption as well.

Custos Starter kit package comes with the below items:

  • Wifi Capsule Gateway x 1
  • Custos Ball Valve Servo x 1
  • Custos Wireless Water Detector x 2
  • Remote Water Detection Probe x 2
  • Power Adapter x 1

Custos basically consists of 2 parts a Ball Valve Servo and a Wireless Water detector. The valve detector is installed on the pipe where the existing water main valve is located, while the leak detector is usually located next to the installation or near the device to monitor any puddles that may occur in the area. As soon as the water is detected, you will be notified and the water valve will be closed automatically.

It will still continue to protect your home. In case a water leak is detected it will automatically turn off the main water valve to prevent any damage. However, the system will notify you on the phone about this event when the internet connection is restored.

With the built-in battery on the Custos gateway, the system will still continue to protect your home. In case a water leak is detected it will automatically turn off the main water valve to prevent any damage.

With its waterproof and dustproof casing, Custos Ball Valve Servo is capable of outdoor deployment for controlling water valves.

Of course! You can add multiple Ball Valve Servos and Water Leak Detector under the same location, or create a new location and add another there. You can also position your devices according to the rooms they are in.

  1. Remove the screws of the battery cover and battery cover
  2. Replace the new ER14250 battery
  3. Put the rubber waterproof rubber o-range
  4. Put the battery cover and align with two battery metal contacts then tighten the screws

The use of a remote sensor probe and the use of a Wireless Water Detector do not affect each other. When a Remote Sensor Probe is connected, the Leak Detectors and the Probe work together to sense leaks.

Ball Valve Servo can be installed on both vertical and horizontal lines, routing does not affect operation. The important thing is to install with the correct positioning of the fork and knob on the ball valve servo.