Wireless Water Detector Z-Wave US/CA


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This product does not compatible to Custos Kit, you need to have Z-Wave capable control hub or gateway installed first (sold seperately from other sources, not from us)

Custos Wireless Water Detector  Z-wave US for Custos Z-Wave Ball Valve Servo (BVS) Main Shut Off Kit

Get more coverage for you beloved home by additional wireless water leak detectors, there is virtually no limit for additional devices in your system, you can deploy as many as you want



  • 4 metal water detection probe embedded on 4 corners to permit detection from all orientation of device placement.
  • Openable for battery replacement.
  • Optional external water detection probe Wire length 0.8m (2.6 feet) It’s recognized as 2nd end point.
  • 3.5mm water proof jack for external detection probe and UART interface.