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Frequently Asked Question

Custos Starter kit package comes with the below items:

Wifi Capsule Gateway x 1

Custos Ball Valve Servo x 1

Custos Wireless Water Detector x 2

Remote Water Detection Probe x 2

Power Adapter x 1

The Custos WWD battery is a long-lasting product that will not require you to replace it frequently. It can last up 10 years with regular use and the app tells your current status of power consumption as well.

If the Wireless Water Detector does not work, the probable cause is a faulty battery. Replace the battery if it is worn out.

If the search for a gateway time out during setup, please take your gateway closer to your wi-fi router and to your phone. Then press the LED button of the Gateway to restart the setup process.

Custos warns as soon as the water detectors come into contact even with a drop of water. If the alarm starts sounding you can check if it needs your immediate attention. The LED alert from water leak sensor will be short, it will stop flashing in about 10 seconds to conserve battery, however the LED alert and sound alert from BVS will continue until user intervention.

Don't panic! As long as you lay down the WWD it will work no matter which side is up. The visual indicator of WWD has 3 different colors. Green, yellow and red. After successfully adding the WWD to your account it will beep 2 times and blink green. After this, you can place your WWD in any location.

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