Why Custos

Why Custos

Simple Yet Sophisticated

Easy Installation
Setting up Custos is as easy as 1-2-3. No tools required—anyone can do it!

Advanced Retrofit Valve Servo
Our retrofit valve servo mechanism is top-notch. The second-generation model is more compact and adaptable, fitting various ball valve shapes and sizes effortlessly. Reliability and easy installation are no longer a dilemma—they're a reality.

Innovative Technology
Our patented micro-electro-mechanical powertrain, coupled with cutting-edge microprocessors and a proprietary control algorithm, ensures precise torque control and smooth operation for any valve, even rusty or stiff ones.

Smart and Adaptable
With intelligent adaptive valve torque control, our system self-calibrates to handle any valve condition. This means no more struggling with stubborn valves or risking damage to delicate ones.

Compact Powerhouse
Our Wi-Fi Control Gateway (WCG) serves as the central control hub with full smart home capabilities. It monitors sensor activity, executes your rules, and provides remote access from anywhere via your mobile device.

Triple Fail-Safe Design
Custos prioritizes longevity and reliability. Our Ball Valve Servo (BVS) and WCG are engineered to withstand outdoor conditions with waterproof and UV-proof materials. Additionally, they feature an advanced 18Wh backup power system that ensures operation for up to 24 hours during power outages.

Affordable and Reliable
Traditional water damage prevention solutions require professional installation and can be costly. Custos offers a revolutionary retrofit solution that is affordable and easy to install by homeowners themselves. Save time, money, and stress with Custos.

Why Choose Custos BVS?

With Custos, protect your home from water damage with ease and confidence. Enjoy superior performance and convenience without the need for expensive and complex installations.