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Simple yet Sophisticated

Installation process is as simple as 1-2-3 and does not require any tools, making it accessible for everyone!

The Custos retrofit valve servo mechanism is considered by many to be the best in production. This second generation has been upgraded in every aspect and strikes a good balance between size and adaptability to fit various ball valve shapes and sizes.


Gone are the days where reliability and easy installation for retrofit valve servos were a dilemma; now, they are a reality.

Muscles and Brains

Developing a retrofit valve servo that can effectively operate the diverse range of valves from various manufacturers, in different ages and conditions,is a notable challenge.

The presence of rust on valves can make them incredibly difficult to manipulate, while others may require minimal effort.

Moreover, valves may not rotate at a perfect right angle,and their rotation distance may vary due to wear and tear. As a result, mechanics may struggle to determine the appropriate amount of torque needed to turn a stubborn valve without overloading the more manageable ones.

We have devised a solution to tackle these challenges, which represents a significant advancement in valve torque control systems. Our patented micro-electro-mechanical powertrain, coupled with cutting-edge microprocessors and our proprietary control algorithm, has enabled self-adaptation for precise torque control and turning span required to manoeuvre any valve accurately to its desired position.


With our intelligent adaptive valve torque control system and control method, mechanics can now work more effectively and proficiently, without the frustration of struggling with stubborn valves or damaging the easier ones.

Big Brain Big Power in a Small Package with triple Fail Safe design

Internet Fail Safe

Wi-Fi Fail Safe

Power Fail Safe

Custos WCG supports:
UBILINK over Wi-Fi



This Wi-Fi Control Gateway (WCG) acts as the central control hub, equipped with full smart home capability (with other compatible devices becoming available soon). It continuously monitors the status and activity of your sensors and actuators, runs your defined rules, and provides remote access from anywhere in the world through your mobile device.


Additionally, it features an advanced weather proof 18Wh backup power system that can sustain operations for up to 24 hours, including the Ball Valve Servo, ensuring the safety of your home even during power outages.

Longevity and Reliability is prioritized

Both BVS and WCG are engineered to survive outdoor and hash environment with water proof design and UV proof material

When a li-ion battery is fully charged for an extended period, high energy stress causes it to decay quickly.

Multiple MCU algorithms & electronics to enhance battery life is incorporated in this compact package, such as dynamic recharge level to prevent over charging and subsequent degradation of the li-ion chemical compound.

WCG ThermoPad ensures the Li-Ion battery works at the optimal temperature

Left: Temperature sensor

Right: Heater

To prevent premature battery decay caused by recharging under low temperatures, we have implemented a thermo-management system that keeps the battery within the optimal temperature range.

Furthermore, we have optimized the recharge current to be constant and MCU-controlled, specifically tailored for li-ion batteries.

Simple, isn't that simple


Our compact leak sensor, a.k.a WWD, is no larger than a lipstick and can efficiently detect water in any orientation, regardless of its placement. It utilizes capillary effect to effectively detect even the tiniest water droplets. In addition, the WWD features UBILINK over LoRa communication protocol, which provides an extensive communication range and formidable data security without relying on a Wi-Fi signal. This makes our Custos system immune to Wi-Fi router downtime during power outages, ensuring continuous protection against leaks. 

Additionally, it comes equipped with an extended wired water detection probe,providing an additional detection point, as well as a tamper alert feature. Should someone attempt to move the sensor intentionally or accidentally, you will receive an instant tamper notification on your mobile device.

Custos lipstick sized Wireless Water Detector (a.k.a. WWD) can be placed anywhere in your house prone to water leaks