Real customers reviews for our patented valve actuator, the integral part of Custos kit that proofed the practicality and usefulness.



I am so ridiculously pleased with this device! I had looked for HA water shutoff valves multiple times over the years, but they all required either plumbed-in installation, or were too flakey to rely on.
The installation of the Titan only took a few minutes, with no tools required. It's a powerful motor housed in a professional, modern-looking case. I've test-run it a few times, and it works flawlessly. Big fan!


My existing shutoff valve is on a 3/4" copper pipe where it comes into the house, the Titan is mounted, calibrated, and works well to open and close the ball valve. I run Home Assistant and had to use this yesterday for the first time. I was at the grocery store and the water sensor behind the washing machine was triggered. I was able to shutoff the water to the house until I could get home and look at it. It worked just like it was designed to, and saved me from a massive problem.


This shutoff actuator is strong and powerful. I have tried others which didn’t have enough power to completely close my valve but this does it easily. 
Installation was quick and easy without needing any tools. Instructions were clear and it paired quickly to my SmartThings hub. 
Highly recommended!


The water valve is super easy to install and worked perfectly first time by following the very detailed installation instructions in both the video and written materials, as the specific order seemed quite important. The only negative is that the wired water sensor that is included is too short to reach the floor of my basement where the valve is installed. 
I was very concerned about compatibility with my Vera Z-Wave system, particularly after Smartest House pre-sale support said Vera was not supported. However, the instructions from the Smartest House had a link to the Vera install process, and I found a user post in the Vera (Ezlo) community that detailed the installation specific parameters to use, so I took a chance and ordered the valve. Glad I did. These worked perfectly with my Vera Edge running UI7. The vera install parameters for the valve can be found at https://community.ezlo.com/t/zooz-700-series-titan-water-valve-actuator-zac36/218427


Extremely quick and easy to install. Works as intended and gives me and my family peace of mind. Our house had two separate water incidents in the last 5 years with the last one going unnoticed for a week. This valve actuator coupled with a few sensors will help us avoid any future costly incidents and is a fraction of the cost of doing water damage repairs.


Bought this after comparing with others and hearing how much torque this has. It was easy to setup and can close and open the valve without any issues. Definitely recommend this.


Very robust unit. Didn’t want a headache to have a smart shutoff. With a sharkbite ball valve and 3/4 copper pipe in my home, it was super easy to cut out a small section of pipe and install the ball valve. Pairing was easy, and whenever water is detected at any of my 8 water sensors throughout the home, it will turn off the valve, send text/email, chirp sounds on my dome siren, and flash lights on my Homeseer WX300 switches.


I have a dome, it doesn't fit into the area I need, the arm is to long. no such problem with the titan.
attaches by hand, power it up and ready to go.
if I ever go or the power it out easy to pull off and operate no tools needed. two hand screws and off.
costs more than the dome but simple stupid setup. just make sure you follow calibration first.


I DID have to change my ball valve, as the one I had I was unable to adapt successfully. So out to the meter I went, shut it off, drained things down and got out the PEX (which my house has.) BTW if you're using a PEX ball valve be aware that most of them are marginal in profile (too small) but they will work -- you'll have to bend the handle up a bit to clear, using the included bushing (which the documentation tells you) and you may need to put a washer or two under the nut to get just a bit more engagement. But, having done this, no problem. If your system is copper you won't have any issues provided the shutoff is a ball valve (and not the older gate valves.)
The surprises (all good ones) came when I initialized the unit. Calibration (yes, read the instructions!) took just a few seconds, and then I did an include. My Zwave software is my own, so I didn't know what I'd get or if I'd have to set up a file for this unit's mfspecific config to set config options and such. Nope! Even better, the unit is BOTH S0 and S2 capable -- surprise (of the good kind!) It included secure and works great.
The ambient temperature sensor was unexpected too; it "just showed up" in the reports and is a nice touch.
Only gripe -- the included water probe cord needs to be longer. I'll adapt it; it looks like a 4-pin 1/8", so shouldn't be hard.
Don't bother with the other brands that do similar things. This one's the real deal -- buy it.


As described, this device is incredibly easy to install and to include in my Z-Wave network (with HomeSeer HS4). I have used a similar device from another company, but could never get it to work properly. The difference here is the point of the fulcrum, which is where the valve handle attaches to the valve. There is much more leverage to open and close the valve. I highly recommend this product from Zooz, which, by the way, has lots of other great Z-Wave products, which I am using in my home.


I used to have the Dome actuator but it didn't work great with my valve. The hose clamps on the Dome were not great at securing the actuator to my valve, requiring me to adjust it every time it is actuated. The beefy claws on the Titan works much better at securing the actuator to the valve. The power cable connection also came with some sort of water proof housing, which is great so I don't have to figure out a way to water-proof it myself. The temperature and water leak sensors are a nice bonus as well! Overall it's clear a lot of attention was paid to details in developing this product.