What is UBILINK?


UBILINK is a communication protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT) that is independent of radio transport and open for public use. It is designed to achieve forward compatibility through decentralized control adaptability driven by device features. UBILINK prioritizes data security and integrity making it essential for future proof and sophisticated smart home and home security applications.



In contrast to conventional approach, UBILINK defined a streamlined framework for “self described device control profile provisioning”,  control capability is acquired by controller from corresponding device at initial pairing process, as such we don’t need to have the controller knows “every device” when it’s manufactured, in this way the controller will never get outdated in its entire service life span, and always adapt to newer and diversified devices available over the time.


Currently, UBILINK operates on two commonly used radio transports:


1. UBILINK over LoRa (UoL) - this protocol runs on LoRa radio and enjoys the benefit for outstanding datalink budget, strong interference immunity, and low power consumption 

from the LoRa technology. 

There are 2 obvious advantages for UoL over UoW: Outstanding communication range, and Wi-Fi fail safe, in case your wi-fi router or access point malfunctioned due to power outage or hardware failure, Custos Kit will keep safe guarding your home on it’s power backup for up to 24 hours.


2. UBILINK over Wi-Fi (UoW) - this protocol utilizes Wi-Fi transport, taking advantage of high popularity and abundant of hardware options. 

Please note that UoW is relying on your Wi-fi router or access point to convey communications between sensors and gateway, UoW will not function in the event that your Wi-Fi router or access point failed, say, during power outage. 



UBILINK over Lora is implemented partially base on LoraWAN specification and source code from different open sources, UBILINK maintains top notch data encryption and authentication standards, literally all existing “LoraWAN hardware” can be UBILINK over Lora protocol enabled.


UBILINK protocol is developed and provided for royalty free use by UBITECH LIMITED