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Automatic Water Shut Off & Leak Detection Kit with 3 Sensors & Battery Backup


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  • Smart Water Valve: Our Custos "LoRa UBILINK" kit is a smart water leak detector, engineered to help provide an ideal solution for both residential and commercial properties to avert the water leak damage.
  • Robust Outdoor Performance: Engineered for outdoor usage, our system of "LoRa UBILINK" water valve features UV and thermo-protected components, helping ensure resilience in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Installation Simplified: No tools needed for our smart water shut off valve. Setting up is a breeze, accessible for anyone to set up within minutes. Our leak detection tools with smart water sensor shut off kit is made for ball valves exclusively and can be set up on pipes ranging from 0.5" to 1.25" in diameter. Its sliding clamps accommodate various configurations, helping ensure a precise fit for different setups.
  • Power Outage Security: The self-managed Battery backup (WCG) of our water leak detector shut off valve helps ensure uninterrupted operation for over 20 hours during power outages. In case of leaks, the water leak detection system automatically shuts off the water main, averting property damage.
  • Centralized Control Hub: CUSTOS products offer a distinct advantage by not relying on your Wi-Fi network, unlike typical smart devices. This not only prevents network congestion but also mitigates potential security risks. With our "LoRa UBILINK" technology, you can place sensors in remote locations, even through concrete or metal, where Wi-Fi signals struggle to reach or are unreliable. Our gateway only uses Wi-Fi for initial set up and will serve as the central control hub, consistently monitoring sensor status and activity with "LoRa UBILINK" communication, executing predefined rules, and enabling remote access from anywhere via your mobile device.
  • Freeze Monitoring System: Our smart water leak detector shut off valve receives prompt alerts, helping ensure you're notified of potential freezing issues, enabling timely intervention and averting damage.

  • Ball Valve Servo driving force: Smart adaptive torque up to 8N.m, MCU will determine the minimal needed force by advance control feedback algorithm 1/2200 turn positioning precision
  • Pipe/valve sizes to fit: From 1/2 inch to 1-1/4 inch
  • Outdoor use: Yes
  • Water & dust proof: Yes, IP66 certified
  • UV proof: Yes
  • Inter clamp clearance: 2.5~4.9 inches user adjustable
  • Calibration for valve handle Alignment: Automatic alignment check and self calibration
  • Back up battery: 18W Li-ion battery powered support up to 24 hours
  • Smart battery reconditioning: Software defined thermos management and life retention
Supported Protocols
UBILINK over Wi-Fi